Jul 1, 2008

Law of Attraction E-Course and Teleseminar Series

Law of Attraction Mastery E-Course to Find Your Purpose begins July 8th.
Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, and are wondering just what the Law of
Attraction is and how it works? Most of us somewhat believe that we create
our own reality, yet at times it is a hard pill to swallow. In this economy with high gas prices, and global warming how did we contribute to creating the economy?

Take your life off auto-pilot by removing old habits and beliefs, and attract what you want and deserve. How happy are you with your life? Do you believe that there is a higher purpose to life? Have you found your purpose for being in this life? If these are questions that you are pondering, then join our teleseminar series and e-course. We are offering the series at an affordable rate, it includes a 21 day Law of Attraction Mastery e-course to Find Your Purpose, a four week Teleseminar series including EFT to remove your blocks to Finding your Purpose, and an Empowerment Coaching Session, to create an Law of Attraction Action Plan.

We would love to hear from you. Are you looking for your Life Purpose? Or do you know Your Life Purpose, and need tools to Live your Purpose more successfully? Are you applying the Law of Attraction? If you are applying the Law of Attraction, do you like the results that you are getting? Our EFT tools give you the Secret to Succes using the Law of Attraction.