Jul 5, 2008

Law of Attraction Success and the Law of Thinking

Law of Attraction success, is equal to your ability to master the Law of Thinking? How does the Law of Thinking, effect the Law of Attraction in your life? Whatever you think about comes about. This is the simple Law of Thinking. One of the first books I read on this subject, was As A Man Thinketh, and I read it over twenty years ago. A lot of lights went off for me then, although it continues to be a challenge to control "stinking thinking".

Follow these rules to weed out your "stinking thinking".

1. Post notes to yourself on your bathroom mirror, and remind yourself to be present. Each time you see the note, press pause, and notice what you are thinking. Not only in the moment but for the last hour, and the hours before that. Write it down.

2. Challenge yourself to a healthy "word diet". Challenge yourself to go on a healthy word and thought diet for 21 days. Watch this video with Louise Hay on the Law of Thinking.

3. Join our July Law of Attraction Teleseminar. Our teleseminar series includes a 21-Day Law of Attraction Mastery E-Course, and a Free Empowerment Coaching session, to create your Law of Attraction Action Plan. Surround yourself with a group of positive and supportive friends, who are committed to being present, and mastering the Law of Attraction.