Sep 23, 2007

Electric Cars can make a difference

Today's tip is that we as a society need to focus on how to save our environment and demand change. We as a whole have allowed corporations and big money to control our lives and our natural resources. Money, greed, and power have dominated their decisions about how our natural resources have been used and now we find ourselves with global warming. Which is bringing natural disasters more frequently including tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, mudslides, flooding, drought, and drastic weather all over the planet.

Our best hope is to stand up for our rights and ask our government officials to focus on the changes that can be made immediately. Electric cars is one of the first steps that can reduce pollution and global warming immediately. The other initiative that can be demanded is to bring the cost of solar electricity down to reasonable levels that make it affordable for the average person.

We can bring the changes that we want to see if we stand up and make our voices heard. Many answers to global warming and alternative energy production have been offered and have been stopped. We no longer have time to waste we either speak out now or our children suffer the consequences for our lack of action.