Jun 10, 2008

Oprah is living her purpose--Use the Law of Attraction to Find Your Purpose!

Oprah has aligned with her purpose and leads the life we all admire and want. Oprah and Eckhart talked in their webcasts, about A New Earth Awakening to your Life Purpose. Have you watched The Secret, listened to Oprah and Eckhart, and practiced the Law of Attraction--and still feel stuck? Our free teleseminar is for you.

Free empowerment teleseminar June 17 at 11 am pacific time, for Finding Your Purpose using the Law of Attraction. Learn secrets to create the results in your life, relationship, and work, that you want and deserve. Follow these three easy secrets to Find Your Purpose Now.

1. Set aside time in your day in the morning and evening to still your mind. If you allow you mind to be on auto-pilot--you will continue to create the same resultss, over and over.

2. Good tools to quieten your mind are yoga, and breath awareness. By being aware of your breath, you bring your mind into the present moment. Practice complete breath by bringing awareness to your lower abdomen, expanding the rib cage, and bringing the breath all the way up to the upper chest. This is great for relaxing your body, mind, and spirit before you fall asleep.

3. Practice doing three things each day that you enjoy. You may have conditioned yourself, to believe that you don't deserve to be happy. Many have conditioned themselves to settle for life the way it shows up. If you continue this habit, you will never break free from the fears that block your life purpose. What do you feel passionate about? Find your passion and find your purpose! Share your passion with me!