May 12, 2008

Free Self Empowerment CD Giveaway and Blog Interview with Dyan Garris

Did you watch Oprah and Eckhart, and now looking for self empowerment tools? Do you believe in Angel's? Want a free Angel Card Reading? Or want to register for a free Angel Music CD? Please follow this interview with Dyan Garris about Self Empowement, Indigo Children, Crystal Children and how to support self empowerment. If you visit Dyan's website you can recieve a free Angel card reading. I went there and enjoyed my visit. Check back on Wednesday as I interview Dyan about spiritual awakening and self empowement. A free CD will be given away to random comments on the blog both days.

Annie: I am sure that you are aware, or watched Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s webcasts. What do you feel keeps people in jobs they don’t enjoy, and holds them back from aligning with their purpose?

Dyan: Actually, I may be one of the few people who didn’t watch. I am aware, however, that Oprah was promoting “A New Earth.” More than one person has told me that our books are good companions. When people do things they don’t enjoy, they are usually doing so out of some kind of fear or fear based belief system. Fear and belief systems that were taught to people, keep them from aligning with their true purpose.

Annie: Do you feel that self empowerment is a choice?

Dyan: Yes. Empowerment is a choice. There are no limitations unless you believe there are.

Annie: According to many spiritual sources, there are more spiritually awake children on the planet right now than ever before—would you agree?

Dyan: Yes, I agree.

Annie: I am sure that you have heard about Crystal children and Indigo children (Spiritually awake children). What is your belief about why there are so many on the earth right now?

Dyan: I believe they have come in at this time to help balance the energies. They have come to help people remember who they really are, and what they are really doing here. This can be accomplished through the love, that these children bring with them. They are coming in without “amnesia,” and they are less veiled than others, therefore providing an opportunity for those around them, to feel and remember the truth and the Love. We are moving toward ascension. These souls are here to help with that transition.

Annie: These children are having a hard time being in our schools systems, and dealing with the diet that most are on. What relationship does diet have, to all the ADD and ADHD drugs being given to our children?

Dyan: These children learn differently. They learn in an integrative manner, rather than a linear fashion. This is another reason they are here now. They are trying to teach about integrative learning. In our current system, this would probably be labeled as learning disabled, or attention deficit. Yes, I do believe this has a relationship. Our belief systems need to expand into a more multi-dimensional way of viewing things. There is nothing “wrong” with these children.

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