Apr 7, 2008

Are you living a life proactively or reactively? How would you know?

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I studied with Dr Stephen Covey twenty years ago and have been applying his habits for living a proactive life since. I always know when I am being proactive and when I have relapsed into old habits of playing victim. It is easy to be proactive when we are happy and joyful and harder to be proactive when we are being confronted with old habits and conditioned responses to life.

Here are the habits that I find most helpful in supporting proactive behavior:

1. I begin my day by focusing on being grateful for my life. As I begin my day I notice that my day unfolds in a wonderful synchronicity, when I spend at least 5-15 minutes in silence visualizing the most productive flow.

2. I take my mind off autopilot and stay present throughout my day,by being aware of my breath. My breath keeps me aware and calm throughout my day. Awareness of my thoughts, and actions, allows me to make choices on how I respond to life.

3. When I find myself concentrating on thoughts that are not proactive I refocus my energy by taking a deep breath. Recently on Oprah and Eckhart’s webinar they paused for a few seconds and concentrated on the breath. Breath awareness is the anchoring tool I use throughout my day to stay proactive.

4. Spring is a wonderful time to plant new seeds in our inner garden. It is a constant task to pluck out the weeds of destructive thoughts and habits and plant seeds of patience, kindness, and self love--and remain proactive.

Do you have moments when you know that you are being proactive and then feel yourself relapse into old habits?

Sedona Arizona Vortex Secrets

Have you heard of Sedona Arizona or Squidoo? Check out this link on Squidoo for a Sedona Arizona City guide for everything you ever wanted to know about sedona. We will be featuring a new vortex site each week, along with featuring resturants, places to visit and prizes.

This week we are featuring Cathedral Rock Vortex, located in Oak Creek Canyon. Reported to hold the energy of Divine unconditional love. Many marriages are performed at Oak Creek Crossing located near Cathedral Rock. It is one of the most peaceful spots in Sedona and offers healing energies for healing sadness, and issues of male and female relationships. I have taken guests to this vortex who have experienced visions and deep healing with both mother and father relationships.

Check out this article over on ezine articles to find out more Sedona Vortex secrets. Let me know if you have further questions about the vortex sites. Here are a couple tips to get the most from your Sedona trip.

1. Don't over schedule your trip. Allow time to be still in nature in order to experienc the energies.

2. If you have time and money schedule an experienced guide to take you to the vortex sites. We have taken many visitors to the sites who have visited before and ended up frustrated in their endeavors to "experience" the vortex sites.

Check out our day packages if you would like to experience the healing energy of Sedona. Leave me a message and share your favorite experience in Sedona. I first visited twenty years ago while healing from a divorce. I found deep healing here, and never thought that twenty years I would live here. I love Sedona and feel very blessed to live here.

Hilary and Obama Road Show

In July 2007, Barack Obama was still pretty much the mystery man among them. His popularity among Latinos then wallowed in the low double digit numbers. Obama and Hillary Clinton knew their presence at the event would send the message to Latinos that the Latino vote was crucial for them to win the White House.

The moment that both announced their presidential candidacies it was a foregone conclusion that they would pull out every stop to get the edge on the other in the battle for ethnic supremacy. This wasn’t solely because the Latino, black and Asian votes were make or break votes for each, but because they both had a strong sense of entitlement toward these votes. The starting point for Hillary was Bill. In a poll taken in January 1996 at the start of his second term, nine out of ten blacks liked and admired him. Latinos weren’t far behind in their like of Bill. He got more than 60 percent of the Latino vote in 1992 and seventy percent of their vote in his reelection victory in 1996.

In countless polls during the early months after both tossed their hats in the presidential ring, Clinton and Obama ran neck and neck in the avowed admiration and loyalty blacks gave the pair. In a June 2007 Gallup poll blacks by 8 to 1 margins had favorable views of both them. Hillary didn’t just rest on Bill’s laurels. As Senator she carefully built a strong network among black ministers, politicians, and Democrats within and without the Congressional Black Caucus, and state black elected officials.

For much more information about Earl Ofari Hutchinson and The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Affects the Race to the White House, visit his blog blitz homepage - . To order your copy of the Ethnic Presidency, visit here or Amazon here.

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