Sep 29, 2007

Emotional Freedom in Your Relationship

Do you feel emotionally free within your relationship? Love's Secret tip for today is to empty your bag of emotions that you carry from your past.

Old emotions are like a sore from the past that gets reinjured over and over in your day to day life. Until you clear that sore and heal it completly you allow your past to affect your daily experiences and your future.

Complete with your emotions from the past in order to stay current with your emotions and stay connected to love. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy technique that releases pain from the past to keep you focused on love. This technique has you concentrate on what you are feeling and give it a scale ie 0-10. If you are feeling angry or hurt you rate how angry or hurt you are feeling and give it a number. Then you repeat positive phrases and tap on points connected to the energy meridians in your body. For more indepth explanation follow this link and view a video.

Once you have completed with old emotions it becomes easier to stay connected to your mate and focus on love.

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Sep 28, 2007

Lack of Sleep May Be Deadly

People who do not get enough sleep are more than twice as likely to die of heart disease, according to a large British study released on Monday. Many couples who don't know how to express their emotions spend sleepless nights tossing and turning.

Love's Secret offers tools through "heart expression" sessions to stay current with your emotions and stay connected to love. Here is a tip to express yourself and resist the urge to shut down.

Set aside time each week for a heart expression session. Turn off the phones, tv, and light a candle. When you light the candle set the intention to stay connected to love and to your heart. Take a couple of minutes in silence before you begin to speak. During this silence each partner takes time to visualize the things they love about the other partner. This establishes a heart connection. Next each partner takes turns expressing themselves, always using terms like "I feel and I want" ie: "I feel that I am not being heard and I want us to stay connected and continue to feel the love we did when we first met."
By establishing guidelines for communication from your heart you will stay connected. You will build a solid foundation for love and resist old habit of shutting down which destorys love. Old habits are sometimes hard to break and require a commitment. In order to live your live in love with the one you love you must make love your priority and focus on love.

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Sep 27, 2007

Do you have Love linked to pain?

As a child how did you get attention or feel loved? For many the only time they felt love from their parent was when they had an injury either physical or emotional. As a child this learned habit was reinforced over and over and created a pattern still gets repeated unconsciously. This habit of creating emotional pain and and drama to create a feeling of being loved becomes an automatic response to life. Many have become comfortable with their self created hell. The Secret, and The Law of Attraction teach that whatever is focused on is what is attracted. For those stuck in pain and drama, they must recognize the root of their self creation, in order to change their life.
Love's Secret offers answers to cut the neuro connections linking love to pain and drama. In order to be happy, a choice must be made, along with a commitment to change the old habit and addiction to negative emotions.

Love's Secret tip today is to release the past and take your power back from an addiction to pain and drama. Begin an emotions journal. Make a commitment to your own healing and journal each day for ten minutes in the morning and evening just before bed. Notice what you are feeling and use EFT to tap on whatever the emotion is just before going to sleep. As you fall asleep hold a vision of yourself happy and living your life in love with your mate. Feel how good it feels to be happy. As you continue to practice this exercise you will notice your life getting happier and happier.

Sep 26, 2007

Is Your Relationship Making You Sick??

When couples disagree and then shut down and give each other the silent treatment it has been proven to create health problems. Married women who keep silent during marital disputes have a greater chance of dying from heart disease and other conditions than women who speak their minds, research shows. The research, from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, was the latest to show that how couples fight affects not only their relationship but their health.

And a 2003 study in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry found that after marital spats, blisters generally healed more slowly, a sign that stress interfered with immune system functioning. In hostile couples — those who hurled insults or rolled their eyes when arguing — healing was 60 percent slower than in couples who didn't display antagonistic behaviors, the study showed.

Love's Secret offers couples easy to apply tools to release emotions and stay connected to love. Couples who learn to express their emotions have a greater chance of long term success in their relationships. Use this tip to stay focused on love when you are discussing an issue that brings discord. Find a word that has meaning to both you and your mate. This word can be anything that will bring you both back to your love. It can be as simple as "focus on LOVE" or "what is important" or whatever will work for the two of you. When one person repeats the word agree to each take a deep breath and for a moment back away. When you take a breather focus on what is important to you. And most importantly remind yourself that you are committed to stay connected and release the emotions are causing you to want to shut down.

Many times arguments are over little things and couples allow little things that don't matter to push love out of their life. Comment on my post and give me your ideas and secrets that help you stay connected to love.

Sep 24, 2007

World Peace Starts at Home

World Peace starts at home within our own relationship. We all want more love and Love's Secret offers an action plan to live your life in love. Purchase Love's Secret and receive our 21-day love reminders as our gift. Love's Secret action plan includes creating a vision of what you want in your relationship to keep you focused on love. Learn to create a foundation for love by creating love habits each day and communicating from your heart. October 15 is blogger action day to make a difference.

Today's action is to spend 15 minutes thinking of all the things you have in your life with gratitude and write it down. Write down 10 things that you enjoy about the person you love and then hold a picture of them in your mind and send them a energy hug.

You can make a difference in your own life and relationship by purchasing Love's Secret and start applying our action plan to live your life in Love. We can create world peace by being the change we want to create. For the next 22 days I will be blogging and sharing ideas to make a difference for our world and planet. Please join me by sharing your ideas. Lets unite and create a world in love.

Sep 23, 2007

Electric Cars can make a difference

Today's tip is that we as a society need to focus on how to save our environment and demand change. We as a whole have allowed corporations and big money to control our lives and our natural resources. Money, greed, and power have dominated their decisions about how our natural resources have been used and now we find ourselves with global warming. Which is bringing natural disasters more frequently including tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, mudslides, flooding, drought, and drastic weather all over the planet.

Our best hope is to stand up for our rights and ask our government officials to focus on the changes that can be made immediately. Electric cars is one of the first steps that can reduce pollution and global warming immediately. The other initiative that can be demanded is to bring the cost of solar electricity down to reasonable levels that make it affordable for the average person.

We can bring the changes that we want to see if we stand up and make our voices heard. Many answers to global warming and alternative energy production have been offered and have been stopped. We no longer have time to waste we either speak out now or our children suffer the consequences for our lack of action.

Sep 22, 2007

Blogging to Make a difference

Each day for the next 23 days I will be sharing something I feel can make a difference for the environment. I hope that you will join me to share your ideas and opinions. Yesterday I shared that Mattel is saying oooops! We all need to take a look at that and decide to make a difference by making purchases as locally as possible.

The old herbalist believed that there was a cure for any ailments we might have that grows wild within a ten mile radius. Most have become so removed from the earth and the environment that they would never recognize a remedy if it were available. Sometimes the cure is the dandelion or other "weeds" that are being killed with pesticides.

My tip for today is to reconnect with the environment where you live. Look around and what can you do to make a difference? One simple thing that we do often is when we are in nature we carry a bag and pick up trash. Stay aware and give me your tips to make a difference!

Sep 21, 2007

Mattel sorry for 'design flaws'

Can we trust packing anymore? First it's food and medicine and now it hits home even deeper in our children's toys. Guess we better get back to trusting our gut. Not good to be eating food and drugs from outside our own area and environment. We have to get back to buying things inside our own country.

Buy local and eat local and buy toys made here in the USA.

Sep 20, 2007

Bloggers unite to make a difference

On October 15 all bloggers are invited to blog together on the environment. The goal is to bring awareness to creating the change that we all want to see. So join us and blog about what you want to see. How can we create a world of people who hold themselves accountable? We all want to see the world as a healthy place for our children and grandchildren let's unite to create it.

My view of what we can do. A very simple step is to stop the use of all those plastic bags that are convenient but create clutter and then have to be recycled. Purchase a few cloth bags for grocery store and other purchases and use them.

I will be sharing ideas each day on how to take personal responsibility for being the change we want to see. Share your ideas and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sep 19, 2007

Internet Dating causing loss of intimacy

Many people wanting to avoid the pick up scenes are resorting to online internet sites to search for partnership. Some complain of falling in love with the profile of their intended and being disappointed with the live person. How do you avoid falling in love with a person who you have created in your head. Here are some tips for finding the person of your dreams and keeping yourself grounded in reality.

1. Create a vision of what you want to create in a relationship. Write down all the things you would love to find in your perfect partner.

2. Once you have found someone you think shows potential set up a public place to meet. Make sure that you set up this meeting shortly after you have made your contact to avoid falling in love in your head with someone who may not exist in person.

3. Once you have met your potential partner, then trust your gut. If you feel that they have not presented themselves as their true self move on. For many people it is much easier to have an intimate relationship via the internet than in person. A partnership requires the ability to communicate in person, negotiate differences, and create compromises to make love and intimacy last long term.

4. Once you have met look back over your list and vision, be realistic, and don't settle for something that doesn't fit. Many times you want intimacy so bad that you settle for something that you know is not a good long term relationship.

Sep 18, 2007

Smokers risk aging skin with acne

A study of 1,000 women found over 40% those who smoked had non-inflammatory acne, characterized by blocked pores, large white heads and small cysts. Smoking is already known to cause premature aging of the skin. Many of the smokers who I have worked with confess that they don't like the smell of smoke or the way smoking controls their life. Many have become closet smokers and have shame and guilt around their smoking. While they don't like smoking many find themselves powerless to quit on their own.

A smoker of 30 years, who visited our retreat center last year, recently wrote to say thanks for helping her to release cigarettes. She shared: After feeling controlled by cigarettes for over 30 years I have been free since my visit to Sedona. The EFT session with you flipped a switch in my head and I have not craved cigarettes since that day. It is a wonderful feeling to take my power back from the nasty habit. I feel much more energy and in addition I have released 40 pounds since that same visit.

It is a wonderful feeling to assist guests to find the strength within themselves to take their power back from cigarettes.
COPD is an umbrella term for a range of progressive chronic lung diseases, such as emphysema and bronchitis, which block the airways and restrict oxygen flow around the body. More than a million people who smoke are thought to have COPD, but many have not been diagnosed.

If you are a smoker you can take your power back and choose not to smoke. EFT and Hypnotherapy are a powerful tool to assist in releasing the urge to smoke.

Saudi women challenge driving ban

As a woman I started driving at age 15 as most American women do. I grew up on a farm in Tennessee where women were dominated by their husbands. However this level of domination is completely unimaginable, and I hope the Saudi women can win their independence.

Speaking of independence,let's look at some of the other things we need to take our power back from, like old habits. What habit do you have that you would like to claim independence from? I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I also work with EFT to assist people to take their power back from habits. I have great results assisting clients to stop smoking, loose weight, and take their power back from depression and other addictive emotions. You might be thinking-- are emotions addictive? More on that later.

Sep 17, 2007

Hi-tech crime is big business

This morning I read this head-line and by noon I got a call that my business card had suspicious activity on it. We all can become a target for this crime and yes, my business credit card got hit. How, I don't know but I have become accustomed to doing a lot of business over the internet.

In looking more closely this card has a word virus listed right on the card NO HASSLE. And yes, it just became a huge hassle. My card had to be canceled and a new one reissued. It is an interesting life to keep a positive outlook when things take a downward spiral. The good news is that the $2000 western union wire transfer that was made to my card will not be my responsibility. Somewhere out there someone just made away with $2000 and it seems to be easier than robbing a bank and if this is happening all over the word it can be just as lucrative. When it happens to us personally it hits home how widespread the crime is.

Sep 16, 2007

Love's Secret offers tools to live life in love!

A 13 year study found that many newlyweds are far from blissfully in love. Couples whose marriages begin in romantic bliss are particularly divorce-prone because such intensity is too hard to maintain. Believe it or not, marriages that start out with less "Hollywood romance" usually have more promising futures. Huston, a pioneer in the psychology of relationships, launched the Processes of Adaptation in Intimate Relationships (the "PAIR Project") in 1981, in which he followed 168 couples--drawn from marriage license records in four counties in a rural and working-class area of Pennsylvania--from their wedding day through 13 years of marriage.

The conclusion of the 13 year study showed evidence that couples who were still successfully married had maintained positive loving intimacy. Love's Secret empowers couples with communication skills to build love habits, ignite passion, and keep romance alive.
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Sep 15, 2007

The Daily Tiffin: How To Break Fitness Plateaus

The Daily Tiffin: How To Break Fitness Plateaus

Major Corporation using the word virus

A new version of the word virus showed up in my mailbox today from a major credit card company. An invitation to sign up for a new card, and part of their offer was that receiving their card=NO WORRIES.

In a world of plastic and a slow economy, over spending with a credit card can bring lots of worries. And since our subconscious mind doesn't hear no we are being bombarded with either "no problem" or now a new version of the word virus is sprouting up as "No Worries". Technorati Profile

Sep 13, 2007

Word Virus on Auto Pilot

Are your words on auto pilot? Awareness is the first step to change a habit. Words are our tools for creation but when they are on auto pilot we continue to create the same things we have always created. We can get stuck in a comfortable chaotic world.

Most of the guests who come to us at Retreat and Heal come to us seeking inner peace and clarity. Unless you are willing to go through a period of being uncomfortable in becoming present in your current situation--you are powerless to change.

Examine the words you use on a daily basis and commit to change your word diet. Once you become aware of words you have become conditioned to repeat, you are empowered to choose your words. Awareness allows you to use words to express who you are and what you want in your life. The old saying "as long as you do what you have always done you will continue to get what you have always got."

For some change is a challenge. If you want to create a better world with your words then make peace with change. Don Miquel Ruiz's book Four Agreements, just like my book, Love's Secret, offers tools to live life in choice and create more love and passion for life.

Become present and aware of your words and take them off auto pilot. You are then empowered to create more joy, happiness, and love in your life.

The Secret, The Power of Now, Law of Attraction, and Words

The Secret, The Power of Now, Law of Attraction, are all popular and a lot of us have read these books. Many in main stream society have the working knowledge but are lacking in skills for living the secret and the law of attraction. I live in Sedona, Arizona and I am sure if you did a poll here 99 % of the people have read The Secret, Law of Attraction, Power of Now, and all the popular books, cd's and watched the videos. Yet there is a "word virus" that runs rampant everywhere in our current society. It is "No Problem" and my intention is to raise awareness of the widespread use and it's effects.

Do we see our world riddled with problems and lack the ability to control our words to create what we want? Most of us are aware that like attracts like, and if we see our world as a problem, then problems is what we will attract. Let's all intend to raise the awareness of words and clean up our word diet.

If you end a conversation saying "no problem" you are leaving a bad after taste with your friends, family, or co-workers. In order to avoid inviting problems into their life as well as yours, you must take your words off auto-pilot. You can then choose to say your welcome, my pleasure, or other phrases that are comfortable for you.

I challenge you all this week to be aware of words and keep them positive and uplifting for yourself your friends, family, and co-workers. Check out my book to find solutions to take your power back from words that are habits and often on auto-pilot. To live our life in love we must take our power back now!

Sep 12, 2007

Word Virus creating problems world wide!

Is the NP virus running rampant in your life?? Have you ever noticed the answer that has become automatic everywhere you go even on TV, phone conversations, check out lanes in the grocery, through most work environments. To the point that many companies have even adopted a "no problem" attitude.

The subconscious mind doesn't recognize negatives like no and only hears "problem." Therefore those who continually repeat over and over problem throughout their day are creating their "problems" by using the law of attraction.

I would like to hear from you and have you share your thoughts. I have found that if I bring it to the attention of those saying this negative phrase it can really push buttons.