Jul 3, 2008

Law of Attraction Action Steps to Live Your Dream

Law of Attraction attracts success in many ways. What does success mean to you? What holds the key to using the Law of Attraction to apply action to achieve the results you want? For most of us the abundance and success that we are craving is held in the feelings that come from being successful.

When I was young, I decided what I wanted was to have time to be with my children. I decided that I wanted to be able to set my own schedule and drop them at school and day care and pick them up. So the feelings of success for me was the feeling of being with my children, and having money to pay all our bills, and money left over to play with my children. I began to visualize this and soon I got the idea of cleaning houses. I did this three days a week and was able to make my own schedule, and be off every other day. This allowed me great flexibility in my schedule and I made good money. I showed up and did my best and never took my work home with me. An added benefit was that it kept me in good shape physically. Apply these actions steps to begin experiencing the feeling of success that you want and attract the success you deserve.

1. Determine what Success means to you. Once you determine what success means and the feelings that it holds for you; you can build your action plan.

2. Begin to visualize yourself experiencing success in your own personal dream of success. Set aside 15 minutes each day to see, and feel yourself experiencing success on a daily basis. (ie:Imagine yourself in a loving partnership, with loving supportive friendships, and in work that feeds your body, mind and spirit.)

3. The feelings of success are the most important part. Once you begin experiencing the feelings of success on a daily basis. Your feelings and visualizations will draw the success to you using the law of attraction.

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