Jul 25, 2008

Law of Attraction teleseminars, GPS Activation, and Obama's Travels

Law of Attraction Teleseminars on Mondays at 9 am mountain standard time, attend free of charge. Have you used a GPS yet on a road trip? Do you feel that Obama has activated his inner GPS? Your current inner GPS is set for navigation based on your old beliefs and conditioning. Attend our Law of Attraction teleseminars to reprogram your inner GPS for success.

Yesterday Obama gave a successful speech in Britain and was welcomed by a cheering crowd of thousands. Let's hope for a easy road to success for him and his campaign. He certainly appears to be more pro-active for our country and our environment.

In yesterday's post we continued our discussion of the GAP, gratitude for our life, accountability for our thoughts and actions, and positive expectancy. How are you doing with this concept? Do you feel that you are making steps toward activating you IGPS? Are you able to hold positive expectancy for your life, and allow doors to open? When opportunities appear, are you able to say yes to the new experience?

What holds you back from the new expression of yourself that is ready to unfold? Obama models great confidence and standing up for what he wants and believes. Are you able to hold you thoughts, emotions, and direct your actions toward what you want? In order to activate your inner GPS, it requires discipline. Here are action steps, you can take immediately to activate your inner guidance system, and get started on your journey to success in your relationships, and business.

Make a road map, of what you want to accomplish in the next month. Write yourself a check for whatever amount of money, you want at the end of the month. Make the check enough to cover your bills, with money left over for savings. Post your goals for the month, and the check where you can see them. When you see your goals, hold positive expectancy for having accomplished them. Notice how it feels to have accomplished your goals. Now hold gratitude, for staying focused and being able to accomplish your goals. See yourself with the check in your hands and feel how good it feels.

Our retreat guests often rent a car with a GPS, to navigate roads that they are unfamiliar with. Just knowing they have the system, gives them confidence to travel in an unfamiliar area. As you move forward on your path, from where you are, to where you want to be, it is comforting to know that you have an inner guidance system guiding you. However it is based on your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and emotions. You need to update your system, and develop it to work for you and not against you.

We welcome you to attend our personal healing retreats located in Sedona, Arizona. Visit us for a day, three days, or a full week, your body, mind, and spirit will thank you. We will empower you with skills to activate your inner guidance system to success, and assist you to clear away the old beliefs that block your path. Meanwhile, attend our weekly teleseminars, Mondays at 9 am mountain standard time to get focused on your path, and clear your limiting beliefs. Our calls empower you to move forward on your journey, claim your unlimited opportunities, and master the law of attraction.