Oct 17, 2011

Addicted to Clutter? Retreat and reset your normal

A retreat away from your normal environment can help you reset what feels normal. According to Denver Post Clutter can be caused by many different influences. For me I grew up in an environment where stress, chaos, and clutter felt normal. Here are the new habits that I found that helped me reset my normal feeling of clutter to organized and relaxed.

Follow these three tips to shift your life from clutter and chaos to inner peace and happiness.

1. Clutter comes from a habit of self sabotage and a feeling of holding on. Practice Yoga at least three times per week. Yoga is a great way to expand your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga creates inner strength to break free from patterns and habits; creating a calm clear mind.

2. Meditation has been proven to shift your mind and create new thought patterns. Most of our retreat guests have a challenge slowing their mind down from the hectic pace of their life. The best way to slow the mind down is to practice breath awareness. As you observe your breath, just watch your thoughts. Become the witness and slowly you will notice your thoughts becoming more peaceful. One of the most powerful and popular meditations that we teach is the "inner smile" meditation. Find a peaceful place in nature or in your home. Play some relaxing music and hold the intention to let go. As you smile and send the love that you give so freely to others to yourself you will feel a beautiful glow growing inside. The "inner smile" has been proven to change your brain chemistry. As you clear away the cobwebs of "inner judgement", "inner anger" and "inner criticism" you will find it easier to change your outer environment.

3. Include something in your day that you love. If you can, take a walk in nature and allow yourself to slow down and welcome peace into your life. If you love dancing this is a great way to release stress. Listen to your inner urges they will guide you to peace.

Retreat and Heal is a small boutique retreat specializing in personalized retreats that cater to you and your needs. Fall is a beautiful time to pamper yourself and declutter your life. Gift yourself a retreat to reset your normal to inner peace and happiness; you deserve to live your life in love.