Sep 17, 2007

Hi-tech crime is big business

This morning I read this head-line and by noon I got a call that my business card had suspicious activity on it. We all can become a target for this crime and yes, my business credit card got hit. How, I don't know but I have become accustomed to doing a lot of business over the internet.

In looking more closely this card has a word virus listed right on the card NO HASSLE. And yes, it just became a huge hassle. My card had to be canceled and a new one reissued. It is an interesting life to keep a positive outlook when things take a downward spiral. The good news is that the $2000 western union wire transfer that was made to my card will not be my responsibility. Somewhere out there someone just made away with $2000 and it seems to be easier than robbing a bank and if this is happening all over the word it can be just as lucrative. When it happens to us personally it hits home how widespread the crime is.

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