Jan 27, 2008

Love Secrets for Your Bucket List

What's on your bucket list? How do you add joy to you life? Follow these simple suggestions add joy to each day. Just read a post by Publicity Hound
and decided to follow her lead by writing about the bucket list. She publishes great publicity tips weekly on her blog.

One of the major messages from the trailer for Bucket list is to add joy to your life daily. Gift yourself something that you love each day. When is the last time you danced? Most of the retreat guest who visit us in Sedona respond the same way when asked this question. I love to dance--but I don't have time or I don't have a partner. I haven't asked anyone this question that I haven't gotten that answer to. So how do you include dancing in your life and gift yourself with joy? Simple!

Take a dance or movement class and learn to tap into and move your emotions. Choose music that you love and respond to. Find a comfortable space and schedule time to move to the music. Get inspired! Watch how Ellen DeGeneres transforms herself and audience when the music starts and the dancing begins. Feel the emotion as you watch each couple compete on Dancing with the Stars.

You are the only person who can add joy to your life if you wait for someone else you will miss out. Share your Bucket List for adding joy to your life!


April D. Boland, editor-in-chief said...

I would say that my bucket list includes exercising and meditating every day. I do not currently do this but I think it is important and try my best to do it often. It always makes me feel inspired afterwards.

As a creative person, I also value art projects. Whether it is writing a poem or story, scrapbooking, making a collage, painting... it doesn't matter. Those things all bring me joy.

And last but not least, reading!

Ryan said...

For my Bucket List, I would travel more. There are many places I would love to just go and "be". I would spend enough time in places I have already been to become familiar again and I would visit new places long enough to feel a part of its environment.

I would have a personal trainer with me at all times so I could work off all the food I would be eating during these travels as well!

In between jobs, I traveled for weeks to visit family and friends - it was wonderful - I loved the freedom and the ability to help them in little ways while I was hanging out in their areas.

Everymatter said...

i like to view movies with family and also discuss general family issues with all members of my family. i feel easy and secure when living with family.

loveambassador said...

Thanks for adding your bucket list everyone. I am going to add another bucket list tomorrow since I have had friends who have been asking what is a bucket list. Check back to add more to your list!