Jul 23, 2008

Law of Attraction Teleseminars and GPS for Creating Abundance

Law of Attraction, creating abundance, and success means many different things. Have you determined what it means to you yet? In order to activate your inner GPS to create the abundant life you want, you must know where you are now. Take our life mastery test, to activate and use any GPS, you must know your point of origination.

I grew up working hard all my life, and have been on a journey teaching health and healing for over twenty five years. Success to me, is a feeling accomplished, by assisting others to take their power back from out-dated beliefs and patterns. The most powerful tools for transformation that I have found over the years are yoga, EFT, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and self awareness through meditation. We teach each of these tools through our personal healing retreats.

Yesterday, we talked about your IGPS for navigating your life to success, and how to activate your inner guidance system. You have many talents and wisdom, hidden inside that guide you toward your higher purpose in life. Lack of trust, low self esteem, and subconscious beliefs that you don't deserve success and abudance, push it out of your life. Here are a couple of tools you can implement to build self esteem and create the success that you want and deserve.

Once you have completed your life mastery test, sign up for our 21 day Law of Attraction Life Mastery Ecourse, you will receive 4 audios, and an Empowerment Coaching Session. This incredibly valued package will change your life and empower you to create the success you want and deserve.

Start you Mondays off with a positive focus by attending our Law of Attraction Master Mind Group Call at no charge. Join with like minded friends, empower yourself with group synergy, and master the Law of Attraction.

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