Jul 30, 2008

Spiritual Retreat for Inner Peace, Life Purpose, and Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Retreat for inner peace and finding your life purpose has become our most popular retreat and day package. In our hurry, worry, world it has become necessary to stop and turn within to find inner peace. Are you seeking inner peace and wanting work that has deeper meaning?

Join our weekly meditation group on line. Each Monday we offer a no charge weekly meditation group offering focused visualization, eft, and tools to align with your life purpose. Here are tips to take action today to create the life, work, and relationship that you want.

Take our free Life Mastery test and determine where you are. Last week I blogged about the GAP Gratitude, Accountability, and Positive expectancy. How did that work for you? GAP, is the opposite actions and reactions that our beliefs and conditioning have created. In order to move beyond our beliefs, we must become comfortable with changing our beliefs, and leaving our story behind. To become comfortable with change, it helps to have support around you, and friends that are going through the same growth and change you are experiencing.

For today take action to stay present and decide to smile and be happy. Happiness is a choice and you may not have been conditioned to be happy. Hold an inner smile throughout your day. An inner smile feeds your cells with sunshine and activates the healing genie in your cells. Monitor you emotions and press pause, if you have thoughts or emotions that dampen your feelings of happiness.

We would love to be your spiritual guide to Sedona or attend our group retreat in Warner Springs, Ca. Our passion is assisting our friends and guests to find their purpose and live their passion. We hope to have you as a guest to our retreats or our weekly call. Our weekly call is 9 am mountain standard time, enjoy our group meditation, focus on your vision with like minded freinds, and master the law of attraction.

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