Aug 18, 2008

EFT and Hypnotherapy to Reset Your Success Creation Point

Law of Attraction not bringing the success that you want? Have you achieved success but want to create more meaningful work and align with your purpose? Watch our video of our Monday's Focus Call and remove your blocks to success and reset your success creation to unlimited success in your life, health and work.

Our next call is Monday August 25th at 9 AM PST. Hope to have you on our call. If you love soaking in healing mineral waters, walking in beautiful nature trails, and sharing life changing experiences with like minded friends sign up for our Fall Life Mastery Retreat to align with your Life Purpose and master the Law of Attraction. Leave me a message and let know your results with our FOCUS call.


Alexis said...

It was wonderful to experience this process here, since I can't make it to the 9am focus calls. I hope you will post more videos like this. Thank you!

loveambassador said...

Thanks, Alexis for leaving your message glad to know that others are able to benefit from the replay.

I will be posting the replays on my blog. Stay posted.


yaqoob said...

could you please let us educate about leadership through spiritual techniques.

Anonymous said...

wow! your post is very awesome! I have learnt something new! Thanks friend! (:

Jim Lim