Aug 3, 2008

Sedona Retreats, the law of attraction and money creation

Our Sedona Retreats help you master the law of attraction for the creation of money and financial opportunities. Money and wealth are a result of our relationship with money in our childhood. This post is a reply to a comment from a couple of our readers. Take another look at your beliefs regarding money. If you have "money worries" you need to clean your money belief closet! Check the beliefs below and find your inner belief that is causing a block in your flow.

I have to work hard to get money

I always need more money

Easy come easy go

I can’t afford this

I don’t have the money for what I want right now
People who have money have done something bad, to get it

Money is evil money is bad, it corrupts people

Money will never make you happy anyway

Money isn’t worth having unless you have to work hard to get it
Money comes and goes

There has to be a lot of effort to get it

It’s noble to suffer to get money

If you struggle to get money it will stay longer

Money is always taken from me

It is better to give than to receive

I love giving more than receiving

Which of these beliefs restricts your flow with money? Do you fear having money and then losing it? Do you feel that other people have a good relationship with money, and that you will never have that relationship? Who portrays your relationship with money? Getting clear with your feelings around money allows you to heal your relationship with money.

Join our FOCUS call tomorrow and every Monday at 9 am mountain standard time. Learn EFT, visualizations, and actions steps to create the financial abundance that you want and deserve. Leave me a comment and let me what is blocking your flow, and join our call to master the Law of Attraction.

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