Nov 17, 2008

Spiritual Retreats, Happiness, Stress Management and Peace of Mind

Spiritual retreat is a great time to go within through yoga, meditation, and spiritual focus. Tomorrow I will be interviewing Gurutej a well known, and sought after kundalini yoga master and teacher. Her blog tour is being hosted at Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours.

Well over thrity years ago I began my yoga journey. I first began my studies in yoga looking for ways to deal with stress and to keep in shape. Little did I know, at the young age of twenty-five, that yoga had many deeper benefits than just being in shape. I continued my yoga quest and began to study and practice daily yoga with tapes from Kripalu Center just outside of Boston. This daily practice transformed not only my body, but soon began to transform my mind, and my life. I studied about the body, mind and spirit, and the connection between the mind and physical disease. In 1991 I founded and directed a state-approved school and clinic of holistic health and become one of the first schools in CA to offer a state-approved Yoga Teacher certification.

Yoga has been my guide for creating a deeper connection to spirit and stimulated a kundalini awakening in my late twenties that changed my life forever. Kundalini yoga is a very powerful yoga practice that transforms stress, and creates unlimited energy for health and vitality. Follow these tips to practice awareness and deep breathing throughout your day. Breath awareness will empower you to end your day with energy for your home and family.

Commit. Make a commitment to be present throughout your day and take your reactions off auto-pilot. In order to change you must learn your stress buttons and realize how stressed you are. Each time you become aware of holding stress in your body or mind take a deep relaxing breath and learn to let go.

Visualize the most beautiful place you can remember. Feel yourself in your peaceful place in your mind. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, breath deeply again, and as you exhale allow your body to completely relax. See yourself full of energy at the end of your day having accomplished all your tasks and still full of energy for your evening at home.

We would love to be your spiritual guide to Sedona. If you have heard the call to Sedona, we would love to assist you in creating a life changing spiritual retreat.


Destress Yourself said...

Hi Annie B.

Great picture and post.


Nurse Jen Doll said...

It's interesting how some people depict yoga as an easy way of just 'lazy exercise' but really, it's not. I love yoga =) the heart always needs exercise.

Nice pic with that post btw.

-Nurse Jen Doll
Your Daily Reality Nursing