Jan 22, 2009

Sedona Arizona Vortex Video and What is your Pledge for 2009?

Our pledge for 2009 is to share the beauty of Sedona, Arizona with as many people as possible. Follow me below as we share the rest of our pledge to create the change we want to see.

1. I pledge to share more spiritual healing and spiritual tools through our blog, Sedona Spiritual Talk Radio, and our Spiritual Retreats.

2. I pledge to do my part to let the peace begin with me. To speak words that create peace within and to all those I meet online and in person.

3. I pledge to be in the moment and stay conscious of my thoughts and actions and make them positive.

Love to hear from you either on the blog or on line at our radio show. Share with me what your challenges are and let me know how I can support you. Love to be your spiritual guide to Sedona when you feel the call to Sedona let give you an experience of a Sacred Sedona Vortex tour.


Akiba Howard said...

I thank you for the chance to share these thoughts...
1. I pledge to give of myself, unconditionally.
2. I pledge to purposefully take effort to improve my planet.
3. I pledge to engage the energy source that surrounds me, daily.

These pledges, I make, because I see MY personal space that I am in control of. It is my responsibility to take charge of this new year, and these new opportunities, for MYSELF, and to that end, I put these pledges out into the universe, in hopes of reciprocal release.

Thank you for the chance to do this.


Alexandra said...

Thanks, Annie, for sharing your inspiring pledges. I shall endeavor to live up to them as well.

loveambassador said...

Thank you Akiba and Alexandra for taking time to leave your comments. I look forward to connecting with you through our blogs.

Arlene Taveroff said...

Thank you, Annie! There is so much positive energy in the world right now - it's a great time to step forward.

And that is my pledge: to step forward with a positive and expansive energy, focusing on sharing my talents and strengths and encouraging others in theirs; and doing what I love, knowing where I'm going, but focusing on loving the process and letting the Universe take care of the results.

If any of your readers are interested, a video I just did called "Step Forward" can be found on my blog, at http://wisdomalacarte.com/blog

Thanks again for this post,
Arlene Taveroff

loveambassador said...

Hi Arlene,
Thanks for sharing your tip here for tips. It is necessary to ask for what we want and visualize and then let it go and allow.

P.S. I will check out your blog and leave a message.

Ritesh said...

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Ane Recafort said...

The beauty of Sedona speaks for itself, but what has intrigued most people is its mystifying energy. Since first founded by westerners in the late 1800's, there has always been "something" about Sedona that has attracted artists and spiritual seekers from all over the world.

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