Oct 13, 2009

Sedona Arizona is a Beautiful Place to Find Inner Peace

A Sedona Retreat will empower you with tools for inner peace. Are you looking for ways to stay healthy this fall and winter? Follow these tips to boost your immune system and say no to the swine flu.

1. Spend time in the sun each day without sun screen, and without sun shades. This boost your ability to absorb vitamin D.

2. Spend fifteen minutes each day either in prayer or meditation. During this quiet time hold gratitude for the things that you have in your life.

3. Drink at least eight glasses of water. Bless your water before drinking it and ask it to cleanse the toxins from your system.

4. Buy a netti pot and wash your sinus each day before you retire.

5. A Sedona Retreat like the one Ann attended will help you release your stress and learn new ways to connect with inner peace.

Follow these simple daily rituals to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Our retreat guests find inner peace and clear away their emotional bag. Feeling inner peace and learning to meditate is another way to boost your immune system.


Amy Jewell said...

Great list, Annie! It was fun to pop out here and read a bit of your words. I miss our monthly chats! We got on coming up next Monday - put it on your calendar!

Sonia Wright said...

Native Americans have been coming to the area for thousands of years for vision quests and spiritual awakenings. The Yavapai and Apache tribes made their homes in Sedona, and it's known as one of the first places where Native Americans practiced "energy charging;" where a warrior would spend hours standing in one place while absorbing the pure energies of the earth.

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