Apr 16, 2010

Gratitude Journal as You Retreat

A Gratitude journal keeps you focused on what you have gratitude for and creates more of that for your life. Don't know about you but this week has been a bit of a challenge to stay focused. Started the week with a paper blizzard and it is cleared but facing the paper blizzard was stressful. I just listened to a great podcast on creating systems to stay focused and be more productive and I plan to put systems in place to keep my office organized and clutter free.

Gratitude Journal for 4/9-16

I am grateful to have met Suzie Cheel Check out her fan page. Suzie is a Law of Attraction Practitioner and expert.

I am grateful to have cleaned my office and have new systems that I am putting in place to keep my life more organized.

I am grateful for meeting my new friend Jeanine Hoag check out her blogs here.
Jeanine is a hand reader and life purpose coach.

I am grateful for meeting Linda Nuyts find her blogs here. Linda is a fellow EFT practitioner.

I am grateful for meeting Rob Britt find his blog for fitness here.

I am grateful for meeting Debra Marrs find her blog here. She has lots of great tips on writing.

I am grateful for my great friend Amy Putkonen. She has a radio show here and our Powerful WoMEn show is hosted here once a month. Her blog is here. Join our Powerful WoMEn's group here.

I am grateful for the Connie Green #blog30 blogging challenge and all the great friends that I have met through it. It is a challenge and yet I have gained so much from it.

I am grateful for all our new members of our blog network. Join here. For each new member you will be entered to win a copy of Love's Secret. Join our fan page and be entered twice for the contest.

Sedona is a great place to visit and focus on gratitude. In Sedona the energy magnifies whatever you are feeling. We offer retreats year round and would love to assist you to design a retreat to focus on your needs.


Yvonne A Jones said...

Hi Annie, Taking time to express our gratitude does amazing things for us as individuals - "More happiness in giving that in receiving" - and it also makes others happy that we appreciate them. I'm sure everyone you thanked is touched.

Thank you for being the caring person you are, and all the best as you keep blogging in Connie's 30-day challenge.

Tamara Holmes said...

I understand the paper blizzard thing only too well. I too have been looking to organize my paperwork & office. It sounds like you've found your motivation. I'm Planning on signing up for Jeanette Cates program. You should check it out: http://OrganizeYourOnlineBusiness.com/main.htm

Happy blogging to you!

Fr3n'z Productions said...

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joven said...

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Erin said...

Hey! I recently just got back from Sedona. I plan to take more hiking trips out there. I have been reading your blog and I am a fan. Next time I come out I would love to do a spiritual retreat.