Jun 10, 2015

Sabotaging or Empowering your Dreams?

Retreat and Heal empowers you with tools to focus and manifest your dreams. Are you sabotaging your dreams? When you think of your dreams are you able to hold feelings of "Yes I can" or is there a feeling of "I can't really achieve this"? Your feelings are the most important tools you hold for creating your dreams. Use them creatively and often. Here are some tools to keep you focused to create your dreams;we share these tools through our personal healing retreats, day retreats and even our phone coaching sessions.

1. Start each day with quiet time to visualize and hold the feeling of living your dreams. Listen to music that calms your mind and creates the space to focus. See yourself living your dream and hold the feelings of gratitude and excitement.

2. Through out the day allow yourself to day dream and hold the feelings of gratitude for the things already present in your life. Then visualize your vision for what you want in your life, and hold gratitude for having it.

3. Smile throughout the day. Each time you smile hold the feeling of gratitude for your health and for living your dream.

We hope to see you soon at one of our Day Retreats, or Personal Healing Retreats. Our retreats include tools to clear past beliefs and support your dreams.

Sedona is beautiful during our summer monsoon season, you might just find your rainbow, it is a great time to schedule your #Personal Healing Retreat.

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