Mar 17, 2008

March Madness Got You Feeling Overwhelmed?

When you are feeling overwhelmed take a break and start doing one thing at a time. Whether at home or at work concentrate on one job at a time and complete each one. Learn to walk away from your desk and take a five minute break.

Time away whether for a five minute break or a full week will give you a new perspective. Sedona, Arizona was voted most beautiful place to visit in USA News, and for good reason. I have lived in Sedona for five years and the beauty continues to keep me breathless.

When is the last time you stopped to see a sunset? Yesterday when we drove home from work I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Red Rocks I have ever witnessed. Each day is a miracle as long as we hold that perspective. Do you feel the winds of March and March madness has you in it grips? Take a break and watch a beautiful sunset. Take a few deep breaths and hold gratitude in your heart for each blessing. You will find your heart feeling lighter.

What is the most beautiful sunset you have observed lately?

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