Apr 7, 2008

Are you living a life proactively or reactively? How would you know?

Check out this full article on Askville. I won first place with my answer.
I studied with Dr Stephen Covey twenty years ago and have been applying his habits for living a proactive life since. I always know when I am being proactive and when I have relapsed into old habits of playing victim. It is easy to be proactive when we are happy and joyful and harder to be proactive when we are being confronted with old habits and conditioned responses to life.

Here are the habits that I find most helpful in supporting proactive behavior:

1. I begin my day by focusing on being grateful for my life. As I begin my day I notice that my day unfolds in a wonderful synchronicity, when I spend at least 5-15 minutes in silence visualizing the most productive flow.

2. I take my mind off autopilot and stay present throughout my day,by being aware of my breath. My breath keeps me aware and calm throughout my day. Awareness of my thoughts, and actions, allows me to make choices on how I respond to life.

3. When I find myself concentrating on thoughts that are not proactive I refocus my energy by taking a deep breath. Recently on Oprah and Eckhart’s webinar they paused for a few seconds and concentrated on the breath. Breath awareness is the anchoring tool I use throughout my day to stay proactive.

4. Spring is a wonderful time to plant new seeds in our inner garden. It is a constant task to pluck out the weeds of destructive thoughts and habits and plant seeds of patience, kindness, and self love--and remain proactive.

Do you have moments when you know that you are being proactive and then feel yourself relapse into old habits?

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