Apr 7, 2008

Sedona Arizona Vortex Secrets

Have you heard of Sedona Arizona or Squidoo? Check out this link on Squidoo for a Sedona Arizona City guide for everything you ever wanted to know about sedona. We will be featuring a new vortex site each week, along with featuring resturants, places to visit and prizes.

This week we are featuring Cathedral Rock Vortex, located in Oak Creek Canyon. Reported to hold the energy of Divine unconditional love. Many marriages are performed at Oak Creek Crossing located near Cathedral Rock. It is one of the most peaceful spots in Sedona and offers healing energies for healing sadness, and issues of male and female relationships. I have taken guests to this vortex who have experienced visions and deep healing with both mother and father relationships.

Check out this article over on ezine articles to find out more Sedona Vortex secrets. Let me know if you have further questions about the vortex sites. Here are a couple tips to get the most from your Sedona trip.

1. Don't over schedule your trip. Allow time to be still in nature in order to experienc the energies.

2. If you have time and money schedule an experienced guide to take you to the vortex sites. We have taken many visitors to the sites who have visited before and ended up frustrated in their endeavors to "experience" the vortex sites.

Check out our day packages if you would like to experience the healing energy of Sedona. Leave me a message and share your favorite experience in Sedona. I first visited twenty years ago while healing from a divorce. I found deep healing here, and never thought that twenty years I would live here. I love Sedona and feel very blessed to live here.

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