Jun 11, 2008

Looking for the Secret behind the Secret?

Law of Attraction not attracting what you want? Looking for The Secret behind The Secret?
Our free teleseminar will empower you with the secret to get unblocked and find your pupose. Follow these secrets and empower yourself to release your blocks.
1. What is your deepest heart's desire? Have you lost your deepest heart's desire and find that it is even hidden from yourself? Begin to listen to your inner voice and ask that this desire be revealed to you. Set aside time in the morning and evening for writing.
2. Begin each day with 15 minutes of focused breathing. Hold your awareness in your lower abdomen and expand your abdomen, then your rib cage and bring your breath all the way up to your upper chest. Concentrate on relaxing as you exhale and bring in new energy as you inhale. In order to find your hearts desire you will need to develop a quiet mind and listen to your inner voice.
3. When your finish your breathing take time to write down your thoughts and feelings.
Hope to have you join our free teleclass on finding your purpose. We will be sharing more secrets and offer you the chance to join with a group of like minded friends.

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