Nov 24, 2008

Sedona Retreats, Thanksgiving, Dyan Garris and Chakra DVD's

Spiritual Retreats are a wonderful place to spend Thanksgiving to clear and charge your energy chakras. Today I will interview Dyan Garris for her blog tour and have her share with you about her wonderful and powerful new Chakra DVD's. Visit Dyan's website for a free angel card reading. Read to the end for a special Thanksgiving Blessing Ceremony.

Please explain in layman terms what the chakra system is and how does it affect our health?
We have our physical bodies, which we are very aware of because we can see and feel them. Then we have our chakra system, which is not separate from the physical body, but may seem that way to us because we cannot “see” it the way we see our physical body. The chakra system is contained in the auric field - our energy field - which is part of our physical bodies. Our aura is what surrounds our physical bodies. Imbalance, based on our feelings, belief systems, and our thought patterns, begins outside the physical body and filters in through the chakra system and eventually becomes disease in the physical body.

An example of this would be someone who is very afraid of getting cancer. If they get up every morning and think this fearful thought, and they believe it, eventually it’s going to become a physical reality. Our thoughts are very powerful and form definitely follows thought. Our thoughts go up and out into the other realms and return to us as form made manifest.
If a person has been conditioned to be very fearful how does that affect their chakra system?
Our belief systems shape who we are and how we act and what we think. These are our foundations in this life. Combine a fearful underlying belief system with fearful thoughts, send those out to the universe as truth, and they are going to eventually bounce back and return to you. And when they do, they are going to filter in first through the energy field, the chakra system, and then into the physical body as the truth that you firmly believe that they are. This is the basis of “attracting.”

What do you recommend to release fear and learn to trust?
To release fear and learn to trust, it is necessary to first examine why you are fearful in the first place. You have to get to the very root of why. Do you feel abandoned or unsafe? Ask yourself who taught you such things. You didn’t come in here knowing anything about fear. It was taught to you. And then be willing to let go of whatever it is. Fear is an illusion based on a belief system that isn’t the truth.

How does music clear our chakra system?
Every note, every tone, corresponds to a particular chakra and has the ability to open and balance that chakra. When you put certain notes together in a certain sequence that you know is attuned correctly to each chakra, you then have the ability to clear all of the chakras with music. It’s sort of like fine tuning an instrument.

This is part one of Dyan's Interview I will post the second part tomorrow. To learn more about Dyan Garris – visit her website, and view a sample from her Automatic Chakra Balance DVD at For more details about manifest therapy, visit You can also listen to samples of Dyan’s music at details for her virtual tour can be found on the tour home page -

Here is a special Thanksgiving Ceremony. Thursday is a new moon and a great time to write your goals. Write down your goals that you want to accomplish by the next full moon. Write a check and make it out to yourself. Fill in the amount that you want. In the area for that says for___ write in work well done, and then sign the check from Your Angels. Now visualize this amount of money in your bank account. On Thanksgiving Day wake up early and spend thirty minutes in meditation. Light a Green candle(for money and abundance) give thanks for everything in your life. Feel excited for the new money and abundance in your life. See yourself happy, healthy, and living the life you want.

May your week be filled with gratitude, love, abundance, and blessings. We would love to be your spiritual guide to Sedona. When making your holiday gift list--give the gift of love through a spiritual retreat.


Dyan Garris said...

Hello Annie: It's so nice of you to host me here today on my chakra balance DVD tour. Some day I will come up to Sedona and visit you. I'm not too far from there. I'm looking forward to you seeing our new "Voice of The Angels" Magazine, due out in Dec. Your book excerpt there from "Love's Secret" is excellent. I'll be sure to let you know when we're launched. I'll be popping back in throughout the day to answer any questions your readers may have about Automatic Chakra Balance(TM) Thank you again!


Rebekah said...

Hello Dyan,
I just enjoyed a free angel reading from your website, thank you. The card that I chose to work with is "The Raft". Also meaning "Trust". The card is very true for me right now. I try so hard to manifest what I want in life and am not getting the results I want. Is it more important to "trust" that the universe has a divine plan for me, or to try and "manifest" what I want for me? Thank you and many blessings to you, Rebekah

loveambassador said...

Hi Rebekah and Dyan,

This is a great question Rebekah and one that is being asked by alot of seekers today. I am sure that Dyan will answer and I will add my thoughts as well.

Trust is also the Buffalo card in the Medicine Card Deck. Trust that all our needs will always be met sometimes the abundance shows up in ways that we don't always see or plan for. When we have fear of failure the fear is a stonger emotion than the wanting, asking, and allowing that is needed. In order to face the fear head on, feel the feeling and then turn your attention to the times when you felt abundant and feel gratitude for what is.

Thanks for commenting Rebekah. Thanks for being a blessing in my life.

Dyan Garris said...

Hi Rebekah: It's nice to connect with you here. Thank you. As Annie said, great question. Yes, we definitely have to trust. But there is more. We need to begin to look at all manifesting as an alignment of your will with universal will and as a co-creative effort, rather than us trying to tell the universe what it is we want. Nothing much gets accomplished that way. The LOA is for attracting, not manifesting or co-creating. It is to be used as but one step in the process of manifesting. Yes, you must trust that there is a plan. Then you must be willing to align with that plan. I have a new downloadable meditation that will help you understand how to co-create. In it, you meet with your angel, learn their name, and begin the process of co-creating. It will help you get over this bump. It's called "The Magic of Manifesting." Access it here: The raft card is a very interesting card. The raft has no oars. You can't steer it by yourself. Hope that helps. So nice to hear from you!

Angel Blessings,


Dyan Garris said...

Annie: Thank you for having me here today. It's been a real pleasure to connect with you and your readers. I'll see you tomorrow too!

Angel Blessings.


Dyan Garris said...

Hi Annie: Stopping by to say hi again!