Jan 18, 2014

Retreat to Claim your Freedom

Retreat to free yourself from fear and worry. What does freedom mean to you? Free from worry, free from feeling controlled, free from bills, free from feeling overwhelmed? When you think of freedom it boils down to a feeling right? Eagles are a symbol of freedom to many. Can you imagine the feeling of flying high above the fears and worries of everyday life?

Since freedom is a feeling you can learn to create that feeling and then take time to "practice" those feelings throughout your day. These feelings of "freedom" will flood your body with good chemicals called endorphins and feel good hormones. Treat yourself to some good "feelings" and create a good feeling or "freedom" break throughout your day.

Many of our retreat guests come to Sedona seeking freedom from fear, anxiety and worry. To claim freedom from fear and worry you must create new thoughts and habits that support feeling safe and peaceful. Let us be your guides to claim inner freedom and feelings of Inner Peace. Retreat with us for a day, three days, or a full week to claim the freedom you deserve!

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