Oct 23, 2008

Energy Medicine and Reiki to Heal your Stress

Energy Medicine, and Reiki as announced on Oprah and Dr Oz are the medicine of the future. What is energy medicine and Reiki? Our body has energy meridians that run throughout it just like the energy wires that run through our house and allow us to have lights and power our appliances. We cannot see the energy that runs through the wires in our home nor can most people see the energy that runs through our energy meridians. Yet this energy creates either health in our body or dis-ease.
Energy Medicine is the art of balancing our body's energy flow to bring increased health and vitality. Rei-Ki is univeral life energy that fills our body. Everyone has the ability to heal their own body and bring their energy back to health. Reiki is a magical energy that connects us more deeply with our inner wisdom and our own inner healer. Once you are attuned to the energy of Reiki you are able to heal and balance your own body, mind, and spirit. The essence of health is to bring harmony to each cell in your body through this Energy Medicine. Leave me your questions about Feng Shui, Reiki, Meditation or Energy Medicine.


Rebekah said...

Thanks Annie, I needed to be reminded of my goals to clear the clutter, was slacking off a bit. Great article, I will look into the book. Please look at my blog: www.rebekahsnotebook.blogspot.com
Thanks a million, I look forward to the next articles!

Blake said...

Very interesting blog. I have never been one for hypnosis but it is interest. I like relieving stress as well.
I found your blog off a comment of a eco friendly blog.
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