Jan 10, 2008

Is Britney Bipolar--Or Emotionally Unstable

5 steps to emotional stability

1. Learn to be still within and enjoy your own company. One of the best paths to learn stillness is yoga and pranayama.
2. Eat a healthy diet with several small meals each day. This helps to stabalize blood sugar as well as moods.
3. Avoid sugary foods, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates. Eat fresh vegetables and lots of greens.
4. Schedule time for exercise that you enjoy and can incorporate daily.
5. Establish a spiritual connection and spend time deepening that connection daily.

Learn to develop a healthy and happy attitude. No matter how unhappy you might be--you can choose to change your attitude. An attitude of gratitude can bring about positive change.

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jennine said...

heyy...i'm just stopping by your blog, it's got lots of great things to think about...

i don't know if brit-brit is bipolar, or unstable.. she seems just to have the ordinary problems of a drug addict, only difference is, she's in the public spotlight.

while drug problems often are issues of self-medication, merely getting off the drugs won't help, it takes a lot of work, patience, and more work.

a few years ago, i realized i was having a difficult time with life. i went through a drastic life change, it was hard, but i really wanted to be happy. honestly, it took years to get to where i am now, stable, happy, and secure.

i also sought a lot of help, and the key is remaining teachable. i can't seem to stay in the same place.